How to become a Host?


  • Navigate to “SIGN IN” page.
  • Register by choosing ” I am a vendor”.
  • Log in to your account by entering your credentials.
  • Get access to your dashboard.


  • On your dashboard, navigate to setting menu and go to store.
  •  Fill out store name, store address, phone number, store hours, etc.
  • In the box above map, enter the zip code where you would like to meet the customer to pick up the equipment. It can be different from your store address. 
  • Please Note  you should ONLY enter rendezvous postal code on the box above the map for privacy reasons.
  • Make sure to check the box “Show support button in store” 
  • And Support Button text be ” How can I help you?”
  • Choose “booking” from the dashboard menu.
  • Add new bookable product. 
  • Enter the title, category, and tag.
  • Upload many photos.
  • You can have a fixed block or let the customer choose the duration.
  • If the customer chooses the duration, you can specify the minimum and maximum duration.  
  • Choose Calendar to be always visible. 
  • Don’t forget to enable calendar range.
  • For instant booking (without your confirmation), you can leave the confirmation box empty.
  • You may also let the user cancel before the start date.


  • If you would like to handle shipping for the customer, you may choose “this item requires shipping.” 
  • Leave tax status as taxable.
  • Leave tax class as standard.
  • You can specify your max bookings per block.
  • Specify minimum and maximum booking window.
  • Do you require a buffer period? No problem — you have an option to choose that.
  • Note that all dates are available by default. If you don’t like it, you can choose it to be the other way.
  • Choose your booking rules, for example, start at 10 am.


  • Choose the booking fees. There are three types of cost: 
  • Base cost: this is the fixed cost that renters have to pay you regardless of how long they rent the equipment.
  • Block cost: this is the variable cost and depends on how long they rent the equipment.
  • Display cost: this is the cost to show to the renter. If you leave it empty, it will automatically generate the price for you.


  • You may add some options like geolocation, inventory, field, etc after saving the product. 
  • Add both short and long description of your item  
  • Click save and wait for approval to become a host. (it may take up to 24 hours to become approved).


  • You are all set. 
  • Wait for your first booking request.
  • As soon as you get the notification, for your booking request. Please confirm the booking.
  • Navigate to orders and choose the booking request. 
  • Click on the booking request 
  •  You can communicate with the customers via “Add notes”.
  • You have to set the rendezvous time and location for customers to pick up the equipment as soon as possible.
  • Specify where to meet , when to meet and what documents they need to show you.

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